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Jay Fajardo

Founder and CEO of Proudcloud
Program Director at Launchgarage

Jay is a serial tech entrepreneur who's earliest start up was coding and selling business software while in high school in the late 80's. His last startup cycle was Wi-Fi hot spot network Airborne Access, founded in 2002, and sold it to PLDT in 2008.

His current venture, Ruby development shop Proudcloud, brings him back to his software coding roots as they serve the application and platform development needs of tech startups in the United Sates, Australia, and Europe. Proudcloud also builds web and mobile applications through their R&D and idea execution initiative called Days of Thunder. 

Jay is also the program director of Manila-based start up accelerator Launchgarage that has invested in 8 start ups since 2012.

Jay is an organizer of Startup Weekend Manila, and runs the regular ROOFCAMP with fellow tech and start up enthusiasts. ROOFCAMP brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, and other like minded people to form a mutually supportive, and proactive community of dreamers and doers.